Challenges Make You a Better You!

Your gut will tell you when it is time to tell your story. We are all ordinary people wating more time with our families. I been through so much heartache and almost lost my life a few times in depression. But, I know in order for me to be true to my team, and myself.… Read More

How to Set-up and Become the Authority in Your Niche!

How people see your Profile and your Profile is very important. It is their first impression, and you want to make it as professional and memorable as possible! Read More

How to Attract Like Minded People to Your Business!

There are some people you just don’t want on your team at all!   You know, the ones that are cynical, rude, can’t follow directions, and just plain rude.  They are always complaining about this that and the other.  They make excuses, and problems for your solutions. So those are the ones you want to stay… Read More


Set up get Online Cashflow, With Your Smartphone: Many have tried to build a business around doing Internet or Online Marketing, but have failed because they did not:  Give away Value! Keep It Simple! You see, this is an Educational Marketing system, that you can give away for free! It has value, lots and lots… Read More