These are the tools you can use to create cash flow:


This system is Great for beginners, that is why we call it Newbie Proof!

The Power Leads System

  • Lead Capture Pages– (unlimited)
  • Sales Pages– (unlimited)
  • Automated Email Responder (promotes your main business if you have one)
  • Share Code Funnels (unlimited-you can even share with your team)
  • Blogs (unlimited)
  • Training– (on social media platforms))
  • Traffic Sources– (Offline & Online)
  • Done for you systems (unlimited-push button fast easy to use)
  • Facebook Community Group– (ask all the questions you want)
  • Instant-Update Funnels (Fix main page and whole team’s funnels updated)
  • Great Commissions– (unlimited, results do vary)

Leads Lightning

  • Lead Lightning is a high-tech (but simple to use) $7 marketing system created by the Power Lead System. As a Power Lead System customer or affiliate, you are given the ability to sell Lead Lighting for just $7.
  • Make $6.00 commissions, on all of your leads, that become Affiliates.
  • Setting up and promoting your Lead Lightning funnel(s) will help you build your list,
  • Exposure and sales to any business you are promoting,
  • Create buyer leads which are showcased in your back office,
  • create PLS Gold level sales and higher (via upgrades), all while making $6.00 commissions.
  • We provide you with pre-done funnels that will present and sell Lead Lightning for you which means all you have to do is advertise your links. The cost of Lead Lightning is only $7 one time. Click Here for a brief overview of Lead Lightning. You will find tips on how to use in my Aweber Email Tips.

Free Leads System

  • Use this automated system to build your email list.
  • free to use forever, whenever you want.
  • Use it as an incentive or front end offer, for any business you have. You will find tips on how to use it in my Aweber Email Tips.

AWeber is also a Great tool to have! They even give you 30 Free Trial!

    • Broadcasts
    • Legacy Messages (How to Follow Up )
    • Automations
    • Email Campaigns
    • Triggering Campaigns (How to Tag)
    • One Click Automations
    • List Building-(Building Relationships)
    • Free Email Marketing Guides/free trial (email templates and beautiful lead capture forms
    • Blogging Broadcasts
    • Launch Pad (email courses)
    • AWeber Knowledge Base
    • Support (chat online)
    • So much more…….

Clickmagick -Tracking for any business! It is always good to see and keep track all analytics for your business.

  • Get Real-time statistics detailing what works and what doesn’t. So you will know what areas to fund the most advertising.
  • This Free Guide will help you to understand the importance of tracking;
  • Works Everywhere You Advertise
  • Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  • Intelligent Split Testing & Rotators
  • Geotargeting/Mobile Optimization
  • Add Retargeting To Any Link
  • 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  • Superior Speed & Accuracy
  • Fanatical One-On-One Support
  • They also have a great Affiliate program. (receive 100% of your referrals’ 1st monthly payment after a 14 day trial)

Ready for new eyeballs on your website? Are you just starting out?

Get your audience excited about being on your list again, when you show them how to get free website traffic.











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