This song was produced by my son Shamar, he is such a well mannered young man, and everyday I am proud to be his mother.  Not a day goes by, where we don’t tell each other we love each other, and not a day goes by, that I fell the love and the admiration from my son.

Boy, sometimes I think about the fact that he will be 18 in a few months, and what if he goes away for College, and I be here alone. lol  Just one more thing to be anxious about.

Just when you think you have the anxiety under control, a thought or a smell can trigger it, and it is a wrap.  All I want to do is stay under my bed with my covers and my pillow.  Safe Place, no one can or will enter, cause I’m in my safety zone.  When I first hear this song I knew he made it for me. 

Feelings, Produced by Shefboy_Mar