Getting started with the Power Leads System:

Power Leads System Sales Funnel Set Up

Share code:  344762-viralsimplefreedom2018

Fast Start Steps:

  1. Login to back office at:
  2. Domain Name: Buy domain name inside back office.
  3. Share Code Install: Install the share code above into your back office.
  4. Manage Website: Click to “manage website” for your new domain name.
  5. Viral Simple Freedom 2018: Click to select this funnel.
  6. Get Traffic! You’re now ready to get traffic here.

Your main Follow Up Pages:  These are links you create to direct people to the pages in your follow up process…..

(I will set this up for you when you join my team!)

  1. Sales Video Page:
  2. Hangout Page:
  3. Training Page:
  4. Lead Lightning: funnel:
  5. Free Leads System Funnel:

The Process:

  1. Create subdomain.
  2. In “Manage Websites” section link subdomain to desired page /funnel

How to setup your Hangout Page


Share Code:  185166-PLShangout


Sales Funnel: “Hangout for the Power Lead System”

PLS Hangouts – bryan
PLS Hangouts – 2nd page
PLS Hangouts – 3rd page
PLS Hangouts – 4th page
Power Lead System Google Hangout (Capture Page)


  1. Create a domain or subdomain in your PLS system.
  2. Install the share code.
  3. Click on “Manage website” and select your domain or subdomain.
  4. Link that domain or subdomain to the SALES FUNNEL Hangout for the Power Leads System.

After, Everything is said done, Go GET Traffic!

Plug into Training!

You should be registered by now.

If you are not, then you need to get to it.  

Get Traffic: is your main focus right now, as you are working and training, is the best and easiest to do, so that your business does not crumble.

While you are doing that.  You really need to get some of the training done, remember, watch the Replay videos.  Those by FRanco, very important!

Personal Support–you know just where to find me.  I am on GMT EST Time ZOne.  In Fact of am late closing today.  I close at 9pm everyday, and back upon tomorrow at 9pm.

Email me any questions.  ALso leave message on my blog in the front.  I check my message board everyday.

Please write this down in your journal, or find somewhere to keep these resources, I’m about to give to you.:  Click on here to get traffic   (priority)



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