5 Tips to Take In Concideration!

What I’m About to Reveal, Has Me A Bit Nervous!

I am going to keep it real, and then you make your decision on what you choose to believe.

1. Numbers Game

Have you ever heard someone that sponsored somebody else, “It’s all a numbers game, just keep talking to people.”

You have heard this right?   I know I have!  lol

So, then you are told to go thru your family, friends and neighbors!

Only to find out, they not interested in your products at all!

It sorta is, but there is a way you can business, without having to recruit, spam or chase people down.

I will reveal that further down, as I give up the secrets to success.

2. Breakthrough

Or, how about the, “you are on your way to a break through!”

Surely you have heard that one!  That is when someone is giving you false hope, or you are giving yourself that hope.  And, that is ok!  You should be building yourself and your confidence every day!

3. Sponsoring

Some do sponsoring, but still do not make any money!

Let me explain to you why and how that will hurt your business. 

If you did not qualify the prospect carefully, doing that can hurt your business, because, they did not have to pay, and so they don’t work hard at building their business, (in which, if they make money, you can leverage that) because they have nothing to lose, they was bought in by you paying for them (sponsoring them) to start, and so, it really doesn’t hold any value to them.  You see what I mean?

4. Prospecting.

Why spend all your time, valuable time prospects?  Cold calling, passing out flyers, business cards and home parties.

When you have Social Media, to reach out and connect with people, targeted people, people that actually want what you have.  Just Give them what they need.

Whether it is, leads, subscribers, customers or referrals.  Just help them get the things that is going to help their business.  Give them a mechanism that will promote their business, and help them get educated.  Teach them duplication, that is where some of your time goes.  But, you only need to spend 1-2 hrs. a day.  NOT MOST OF YOUR DAY!


It is important.  But, you do not have to recruit like crazy.

Get you a system where you only have to talk to people.

Not do sales! NO SALES AT ALL!

People do not like to be sold to.  You have to let them decide what they want to do.

You just make sure you are giving them accurate information.  So they can make a good decision, an informed decision.

The most important one:

Do not reinvent the wheel!

Trust me, do not do it!  I did it, I tried to reinvent the wheel, and I got knocked right on my ASS. (pardon me)

I beg you, just do what everybody else is doing and making money.  Duplication is the keyReplication is the key!  Be a CopyCat, with your own spin or angle!

You have to leverage all the new technologies that we have at our finger tips.  Because I am going to tell you who is leveraging, the fucking scammers! (pardon my french)

But I am so sick of them.  They call, they write, they text and they private message on facebook.  It’s absolutely crazy!

I have started keeping a list of names, that I know for a fact they are scamming, or they got their names and profiles hijacked by scammers. smh

Please keep your eyes open, and do not give out personal information!

Do not give out your Social Security number, ID#, bank account, passwords or card numbers, to anyone over the phone, unless you are absolutely sure of whom you are talking to.  I would not even do it then, cause you never know who is listening to your conversation.

With all that being said, I want to help you, get a system or mechanism in place, that will help you!

  • A done for you system.
  • A system that helps you get highly motivated people.
  • A system that will recruit people for you, and you don’t even have to talk to them.
  • A system that makes sales for you 24/7.
  • A done for you system, that works for you, even when you are sick, or out on vacation.

You need a mechanism that will present for you 24/7, all you do is set up your back office, and give your link away for free.

Now, of course I am going to assume that you are building your audience, and mobilizing them.  So, you  can monetize.

You will now have help, in building your Empire, all from just one click, and training on Attraction Marketing.

Accept the gifts, I will be presenting to you, and start creating instant income, and a team you can leverage off of.

You need leaders, distributors, loyal team members, that will have your back, just like you would have theirs.

If you follow my tips and strategies, you will have 100’s of quality leads, jumping in your inbox.

Organic proof, is what I can show you now!  Celebrate each sign up, because some people not getting nothing at all, and they be in the social media all day long!  Not a Good Look!


I get sign ups everyday!  By giving value content.  I can show you how to do it.

You will be having buyers with they credit card ready to purchase.

You will have your target audience, salvating at the mouth, waiting for you to put out more content.

You will be able to slowly stop your current 9 to 5.

The thing is you got to be ready to take action!

Train in bits and pieces.  DO NOT OVER Do it!

You Will go into information overload, and I can tell you from experience, you do not want that to happen to you.  It may sound like something, that is not that significant.

Because you probably thinking to yourself, what is wrong with having a lot of knowledge about something.

Let me break it down like this:

When you have too much information, but not implementing any of it.

Then what is the reason for you to start acquiring the information in the first place?

You have got to take bite size pieces, and then implement, and then do it again, so that you can show someone else to do it.

Do not get all the knowledge and get stuck in overwhelm and then you do not know where to start!

Why not start from the beginning.

So you have the business you want to promote, but you not getting no subscribers.  Let me tell you how to start, then you can watch my video, I made just for Beginners and people stuck in overwhelm.

IMPORTANT:  start by helping people, and building relationships, don’t even talk about your business.  Find out what they are doing, and what they are all about.  Listen  LISTEN LISTEN!  Then and only then, will you find out how to help them, and how they can help you.  Almost everybody needs to get leads, so give them a present a gift, valuable content.   Give them a free leads system.

So start here, and get your Free Leads System.

You Free List Builder, what ever you want to call it!

But you need one to collect leads, subscribers or targeted audiences.


1.   AFter you enter your email address, you will receive an email from Priceless Possibilities, with username and password on it, then log in.

2.  Click on the Black Button on the Left, and watch the whole tutorial video.

(Please do not skip the video, if you do, you are not hurting me, you are hurting yourself.)

It’s only about 12 mins long.  Trust me, you can send that video to people and that will close a sale for you.

3.  After the video, scroll down and click on the empty box and enter your website link, of the company you want to promote.  Then clink the green box that says, SHOW ME THE LINK.

4a.   If you are just going to promote your main company, scroll all the way down the page to the second video, make sure you watch it.  just click on FLS REFERRAL LINK B.

b.  But, you also have the option, to become an Affiliate for $7 one time fee. (earn $6 per referral, they have to pay $7 also, for you to get $6)  In that case you would scroll up to the beginning, and pick that Referral Link B.

5.   If you don’t have a company, and you want to start with this one. You then should become an Affiliate, and that cost is $7 one time fee.  You then will earn $6 for every person that you bring to the company and they too, become an Affiliate also.

Now you have your link, and you are ready to get targeted leads?

Just Click right here and pick from a number of Ad Vendors, and watch the leads pour into your backoffice. Get $5 discount when spend $70 up.  Udimi is one of the best!  (only use this, if you have a great offer that will offer them super valuable in return, ex. 2 wks free or 30 dys. free)








Everything about the way that Harmony
Mails has been designed focuses on
your results.

Here are 1000 mailing credits that you
can use to test it for yourself.

Login, use the promo code: Balance
and instantly send your offer to 1000
great members.  Start here.  Make sure you go to your emails and verify the email they send you.  Just follow their directions, click around and get to know what you got.  If you absolutely can not understand it, just text me on messenger.  Once you get logged in, go to Affiliate tools, and you will find your Affiliate link, to start giving out.  and some ad copy to start promoting, do not put the link, in facebook. (they will ban you)



This is what you need and do if you are busy and cannot prospect on social media all day.  This is what you need if you work outside of the home, and do not have much time to grow your business organicallyThe emails are prewritten for you.

You can just give this system away for free, and it will promote your main offer, inside emails. (17 emails will be sent out, by built in autoresponder, so you will stay fresh in their heads)

Get this done for you system, and let it do the heavy lifting.  I do have offers in here that do pay me, if I refer you to the products inside this Blog posts.

Not everybody results are the same, Not everybody uses it for the same company, nor is it guaranteed you will make a lot of money.  But, you will get some leads.  

Connect with me on facebook and messenger, for more tips and advice.  Join our community, where we share tips and valuable content.

To your SUccess!

Shana aka Shabinar

Helping Other Affiliates and Entrepreneurs Earn The Easy, Smart Way, 24/7!  Let The System Work FOr You!

So Watch this Video, and if you think you can use a Free Leads System, connect with me so we can get you started.


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