Getting Started With Easy1up

Here is how to get started with Easy1up: For Affiliate who want to make money with a simple system, that pays back 100% cash!

You come to the right place! If you are just going to promote this by itself, please follow the instructions below, he is my Sponsor and he has been doing this for years.

Please follow this instructions….

  1. Log in to your Easy1up back office
  2. Get your Affiliate Link.
  3. Get Traffic to your link (this is the easiest, the paid system)
  4. Promote Your Link. (I will show you how)
  5. Give away your link for free, to whomever you are targeting.

Plug into the system & Training:

  1. Join the Easy1up facebook Group. (now)
  2. Join the Tue & Thurs Presentation Conference Calls
  3. Join the Sat. training conference calls
  4. Plug into my Sponsors Simple Freedom Team Training for More ideas………

Get Your Link & Get TRaffic! Here is an example of a webpage from PLS. It is what a Lead Capture Page looks like.1

Below is a Link to our Company Facebook Group: It is generic.
Fast Start Training: Here is the step by step training on getting started……
Also, here is my sponsors team group training. (franco)

Like I stated above get traffic asap. Please make sure you are being responsible.

Udimi Solo Ads! I also will show you some more ways to get income with Easy1up. I do receive a commission when you purchase solo ads. You will get discount, when you use my link.

Income disclaimer. I am not promising you will make as much as me, your results maybe higher or lower.

Please do you have any questions for me, reach out to me via Messenger or my facebook fan page.

Other places I have, will be discussed through my blog or scroll down and enter the keyword.


First, let’s plug you into the Easy1Up community facebook group where you can go if you have questions and to have access to the training updates, prospecting conference calls and other announcements and content from the company.

Here’s the link to our company facebook group:

The company runs that one and posts all training calls and prospecting calls.

Just click that link and we’ll approve and activate you inside the group.


Also, here’s the link to my team group for training: (franco)

Step 3: Easy1up Review & Resources Page:
You’ll find the info for the Easy1Up conference calls, training calls, the facebook group and also a review of the marketing funnels you can use to promote the program and also traffic sources so you can start generating leads and getting your message out into the market.

Step 4: Get Your Link and Get Traffic to it!

The fast way to get traffic over and over again is buy doing, paid advertising with Solo Ad Vendors.

To Your Success!

Shana aka Shabinar

Helping Affiliates Network and Market Their Skills!

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