How To Get Laser Focused!

It’s Time To Get Your Business On The Right Track

Here is a tip that might just save your business and start to put money in your account!

Okay, so this is so important I’m going to just get right to it. That’s how important it is.

When you are starting your business, we get all excited and we want to share it with our friends and family, in hopes that they will be all happy and excited like we are.

Well guess what?

9 times out of 10, they are not. And if they anything like my friends and family. Boy oh boy!

You better have some thick skin.

Tell me does this sound familiar!

I don’t know what the hell She/he, thinks she is doing. Starting a business online? Well who the hell she think gonna join her. Cause I sure aint. Hummm, Im not buying none of that crap.

Who in the hell gonna pay $40, for some roadside assistance? No no no!, Im not buying no leggings from her. They probably used or somebody probably was already wearing them.

What I got to pay $7 for a Automated Educational Marketing Tool Suit!

Shi…., I dont have no $7. lol

Now how many of yall have experienced that? lol

Yes we all have, and I was just calling out different scenarios, because I know I have experienced it.

Family can be brutal. So I know what you have been thru. What I’m about to tell you, will help you alot. So if you are brand spanking new, please listen up.

This right here is going to help you out alot. If you are doing Social Media prospecting. Meaning you are depending on social media to get your leads. You really should mix it up, and do paid traffic and social media.

Why?  You have to sit there and post all day to get anybody to sign up with you, and risk getting put in fb jail.

Paid traffic is much faster.  Udimi is great, they have a lot of qualified people, Solo Ad Venders to pick from.  And these are people that want what you are selling. They are opportunity seekers. Biz Opp. Seekers. I have some awesome places you can go and get some quality traffic and for reasonable prices. Please contact me for that I will leave my information at the end.  Also, check My Tools page where I have free places to get traffic.  These are places i have and still is getting traffic.

These are some things you can do to get targeted leads, customers or subscribers.

You want to make a list of your ideal customers. What kind of traits do they have?

Where would they be (demographic)

How old are they? What do they like to do? If you are selling a product that you really love.

Then write your traits, interests, hobbies and hangouts. BOOM! You have your target. Meaning you want to find people like you.

If you are in a niche that you are working towards being.  Then you want to find people that have ALREADY made it to the top. Then you want to see what they did to get there and copy what they are doing.

Look at their audiences, and start to engage with them.  This will help you to build your audience and let them see what your offers are.

Just remember, everyone that is online, is NOT, your target! It is up to you to get laser focused on who they are. Find your competition or people you aspire to be like, and adapt some of their qualities, learn what they are doing. Get a Coach or Mentor to help you.  I am not a Coach, but I am able to help you.  Because I went thru the trial and error

Do not steal their whole concept of doing business, be YOU!

Make sure you are engaging and building your audience!  And you are giving  value content everyday all day!

Please, please please, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your business. I can not stress how important that is to invest in yourself.

Invest in a system that is going to train you, brand you, pay you Fast Track Bonuses. Simple Marketing funnels that closes sales, and done for you systems that will help you to work less and spend more time doing what you love doing and quit your job.  Done for you email templates.

Think about it! How are you going to make money online, if you don’t know how to do it and you scared to invest in training?  Or better yet, show up for training.

Or, how do you expect to make money online, if you won’t invest in your business? Why would other people want to join you, investing in your business, if you won’t even do it?

Just think about it for a moment.  a big part of your income comes from duplication. Now if you aren’t fully vested in your business and you don’t know how to run it properly, because you refuse to invest in your mindset or skill sets.

How you gonna get other people to do, what you don’t even want to do??  And I know this is going to piss some people off, but I am speaking from experience.  I been there I did that, I was not confident in myself, so I did not want to invest.

But once I started training and investing in myself, things started changing.  Endless Free Leads by Max Stein  is a wonderful training tool.  Amazing!  Everyone should have it.  It gets you right!

How is that going to look to the people that you want to pour some of their money into it. (Im referring to people who have to teach a team or your downline is needing you to show them what to do)

Last be not least listen to your customer. We are in this business to help other people. And even tho, you might know the ends and outs of your business.  Don’t verbally vomit info. All over the prospect. You might scare them away, even tho you dont mean to.

Just ask relevant questions, and listen to the answers they are telling you.

Well that is all for now, I do hope I helped you.

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Remember we are stronger in numbers!

Shana aka Shabinar



I help Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers on their journeys to reaching Financial Freedom!  Contact me if you need any help!


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