7 Dollar Club! Oo Dear!

Congratulations and Welcome to the 7 Dollar Club!


My name is Shana aka Shabinar the Tips girl. Lol

Yes you guessed it. I give out tips on Affiliate Marketing.

I have been Blogging since February. But, I have been writing articles for about 1 year. And writing stories for years. I lost my husband to Non Hodgkis Lymphoma, at the age of 34. That was when I first lost my way. You see, when he passed, I became a shell. There was no life in me. All I wanted to do is lay in bed and stare at the wall. I atared at the doorway to my bedroom thinking he would come back. Until my cuz, came and got me out of the bed, and talked me into going out. So I agreed and I suggested we go to the bar. I called up my brother in law and told him we were going out, and I invited a long time friend to the family.

The worse thing I could ever do. Well, not the worse. But, you know what I mean. Had I need invited him, I probably would not be standing right here typing. I know I would be writting. Because its in me. Huumm, but being here, nope I dont think so. But, this is a sore subject. Funny I thought I was over it.

I think it is time I get it out once and for all. This will be the 3rd time I actually talk or write about it. But, it will not be today. The things that happened Im not to tell. Its more, how do I get it out without crying? Well enough of that for now.

I am a mom and new grandma, and now Small Business Owner. Digital Business Owner.

I help new and established Online Business owners getting started with their businesses and give them the necessary tools to maintain their businesses, with done for you systems.

The 7 Dollar Club is an automated education marketing tool suite. The training in the backoffice is amazing!

The level you are on is Lead Lightning. This is what you have:

  • Automated email marketing system
  • $7 makes you an Affiliate
  • Contact Manager
  • Ewallet
  • Earn $6 from your leads that become Affiliates.
  • Free training

So let’s get you started!

First thing you need to do is make me a contact.

You should have been sent an email from Priceless Possibilities, with your user name and password.

Let’s log in and click on the green round button.

It is imperative to watch the video first, and take notes if you need to. Please dont join the Facebook group without watching the video.

After you have watched the video, skip down and create your link.

Which Referral Link are you going to promote?

If you DO NOT have a business, you would choose Referral Link A.

If you Are going to promote your biz and Lead Lightning, you are going to pick Referral Link B.

Please follow the Directions about getting your link.

Please scroll up to your tabs and hover the TRAINING TAB, you will register for training.

Please watch some of the replays so you can get a feel for what you have at your finger tips.

Please click on the Replays and you will have all the Weds. Night Overview and Thurs. Night Training.

Both are at 10pm Est.

They will let you see how much power you have and so much more to unlock. The GOLD membership is what you want to aim for.


Its because you are able to create and edit Lead Capture Pages, sales pages, make sales funnel, unlimited blogs, edit and create your own email campaign. Only if you want to.

Plus you will then be able to earn $20 comm. And $20 risidual.

If you are just reading this and you are not signed up yet. Better hurry and grab your copy before your competition does.

Please click on the system videos if you are gold member. Follow the training videos, or I can set up your system for you.

I will put your share codes in and funnels.

Also please click on the Daily Tips.

The schedule will give you the. Days and times of other training.

I also do training on my youtube channel. Subscribe to my channel and you will get notification everytime I put up a new video.

Please connect with me on Facebook.

If you need my help, you can pm me or leave message on my Facebook page. You can email or call me.

Check out my videos for back office and overviews. Learn how to get your links, and sales funnels. And so much more………

Remember we are stronger in numbers!

Talk to you soon!


I enjoy helping business minded individuals start and maintain their Small Online Business. Helpjng families get back to living life and enjoying it. I 💘you all.


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