PLS OVERVIEW/Content Upgrades

Can you see yourself giving away a Free Leads System, and Content Upgrades, to help other business minded people out?

If so, I would love to have you on our team.

We are only accepting serious people, that have the vision, and a strong Why.

We have goals, long term goals, and residual income is one of them.  Leveraged income, security for our future.

So let’s talk about Content Upgrades.

Content upgrades are freebie, incentives, valuable information. that you can give to someone, in exchange for their email address.

I will give you some examples.

Now I am assuming you are building you building your audience, buy being on everybody else’s timeline.  You are liking, commenting and sharing.

No more posting your offers all day, change to posting Value and teaching and giving tips, but if you do not build your audience, you will not have anyone to give Value too.

Research your Market, to see what they are asking, in your industry, and then you go and find the answer to their pain point.  Quara is a great place to start doing the research.

Send a survey to your list, or post a survey in your group.  You can even ask your best customers, what challenges do you have.

  1. Ebook or How to Guide: PDF’s Combine all your notes into a ebook or how to guide.  So, say you have implemented a new tactic, and you been monitoring it for some days, and you are getting good results.                                              You could write about it and tell step by step what you did.  Also, showing proof of your results. You could use that as a Lead Magnet.
  2. Checklist content upgrades:  PDF’s You could write a checklist of how to do something.  For example, I wrote a checklist on how to do Content writing for your audience.  And,  “how to do content upgrades”.   (If you want the checklist, just private message me, and I will get it right to you, for free of course.
  3. Video Lead Magnet: You could make a series of video’s, showing people how to do something.  That is a video course, or video series.  Either way, that would be a great lead magnet.  Do Live videos, and tell them the only way to get the rest of the info. they have to give email address.
  4. Don’t forget the Free Leads BuilderYou can just give away this system that comes with autoresponder and emails that are already done, and comes out automatically.  This is for new people.  It is a must have tool, in my opinion.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow, I am going to walk thru and show in detail, how to make a Leads Magnet yourself, or if you just want to watch, that is ok with me.  If you want the one I will make, just let me know.

Enjoy the video!  Don’t forget to like, comment, and share and you will get all the Leads Magnets I have, but you have to pm me so I can send.

I appreciate all of you, and I hope I gave you value!  If so please subscribe to my channel and click on the bell so you will notified when new video comes out.  Enjoy the Video!

Thursday Training at 7pm est.  I will be showing you how to prospect.  So if you are not a Gold member yet, now is the time, and you get 7 days free! Unlock all the features, and what ever leads you get, and how much money you make, you get to keep, if you decide, it does not fit into your business. so you get your system set up, and I will do your sales funnels for you.

To Your Success!

Let’s Build A Strong Team! Nobody Gets Left Behind!

Shana Wilson

connect w/me on FB


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