How to Build Your Leads Magnet/List Builder from Scratch!

Just starting out online can be very scary and daunting.

So I am going to assume you did the first task, and that is to research your market and find out what they want.  What are their pain points, and how can you help them, with Lead Magnets. (freebies, incentives or content upgrades)

If you did not, I suggest you do that right now, and then come on back here and meet with me, go on I will wait………………

How to find out what your Market wants!

Ask Quora, Send Your list a Survey, or ask around in Social Media.

This course is going to help you not only build your list, but have some red how buyers excited, with credit card in hand.

So stick around Lesson 1 is starting Weds. at 7:15pm.  Some will be video and some email format.  Which would you prefer?

We are going talk about,  Leads Magnets that will help your grow your list. 

But, before we get started, I want you to write your why.  I mean get as clear as possible on why you want to grow your list.

So You see, there are a lot of ways to grab someones attention.  I will be giving examples on how to use these Lead Magnets tomorrow.  I have every one of these Leads Magnets, and I will give them all to you.

This is what you need for the Course:

  1. Google Docs
  2. Sign Form Creation Tool
  3. Email Platform

Once you finish my exercises, you will have everything you need to build your email list, and I will share my tips and strategies that I have learned and used.

If you want all of these content upgrades, just stick with us, and at the end you will be able to teach your very own Blue print to your downline.

If you prefer I send to you by email, please Click here to get on my List Building List.  Or, If you prefer Audio version, Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel, and you can watch the tutorials.

Weds. Evening Overviews 7pm

Education on Email List Building.

Connect with me on facebook and messenger.


Talk soon,

NICEShana Wilson

I am excited more and more everyday!  I love all of you, and I am so glad you are on this journey with me.  Please any questions you may have, please let me know. or email me.


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