2 Great Sites To Get Free Website Traffic Everyday!

Searching for new leads, prospecting and customers, can be pretty slow at times.

Especially to people that are new to Affiliate Marketing and Networking.

A Lot of the times, you do not know where to turn to get new audiences, because they have not even set a target for themselves.

Yes, Let’s be clear!  Believe it or not, your offer is not for everyone.

And, until that you will have a hard time getting leads and if you have not leads, then you will not make any money.

So I found some  places  that I am using right now, and I just started.

  So I am going to be Blogging about it, as I go along so I can record or do some real time, events and hits and options as they happen, either by blog posts and videos.


Here are the 2 sites I was referring to.

This is an Traffic Exchange.  Called, Soaring for traffic.

What is a manual traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a great way for website owners, small business owners, and opportunity seekers to generate traffic to their websites. The concept is very simple… if you visit my website, I will visit yours!
Join and become a member. All you need to do is take 30 mins, to look at different, and click links to get credit, and then another 5- 10 mins to put in your offers, and watch your team grow.

I will help you on writing your ad copy for your offers if you need me to.

Your membership entitles you to all the current and future benefits and privileges. The result: more sales, leads, and JV opportunities for your business. 

We do allow rotators and we recommend that Soaring4Traffic users consider using a Page Swirl Rotator.

This is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange user and owner.  Click Here to put your offer on a website rotator.  This is an excellent way to get offers and get leads and sales.et logged iEven as a FREE member of PageSwirl, you gain an incredible advantage when advertising your websites!

Rotate 5 different URL addresses, all from one location!
NO pop-ups, NO banner ads, and NO navigational frame!


Ease and convenience of point-and-click simplicity.


Instantly add or remove websites from the full-featured members area.


Keep track of your advertising with LIVE up-to-the-second statistics.


Advertise one single URL address to promote all 5 of your websites!


AND… no one will EVER know you’re even using a rotator


I would suggest giving your Free Leads System link

as the offer, because more people are inclined to
take your offer, since it is Free and it holds value.
Then you can just stay in contact with them, and let them
know they can become an Affiliate for $7 one time fee.
Please connect with me on facebook and messenger with any questions!

My email address is below, for any questions.

Shana Wilson McCall
If you need in the following areas, Scheduling your week, your daily tasks for the week, how to sign up for the Traffic exchange or Page Swirl. or anything else.

 Free stock photo of city, cars, crossing, road

I choose this photo, cause it looks so real, I feel like I am there.  Like I can just jump right in and start walking around.  lol  This may sound strange to you, but not to me.

You can receive my tips on how to get traffic, please sign up, and then make me a contact, and connect with me on Facebook messenger.












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