Walking away from your job is a great accomplishment especially when you know you are set, and can maintain the Lifestyle you grown accustom to!

Was this your Life Too!  Some of this is real life!

So it’s the last day at this dead-end job for you.  Working around a bunch of women that talk behind your back was the straw the broke the camels back.  Not to mention having a “Boss” that doesn’t listen to word you say.  He always seemed to believe in the “ass holes”  and not the one that started with him from the get go!

The first couple of weeks is nice, cause you are doing some cleaning of the house, things you neglected because you worked all day, and you come home tired and just want to relax the brain, right?

You finally get to get caught up on the Reality shows you watch and even get caught  up on The Property Brothers.

But, then is slowly starts to sink in that you don’t have a job, and you feel like you are becoming a couch potato.  You been lying around all day, your hair is all over the place, and it is warm outside and you are in here with sweats on and I ripped up white t-shirt, and a bath robe.  Silk may I add.  lol

You have an idea on how you can start better using your time and getting back to helping others.  But, you are unsure about if there is a need for your business idea.

Want to find out if your business has a fighting chance? 

There are a number of ways to find out.  So what I am going to tell you is how to go about finding out if there is a Market for your Business

Competitors!  Yes competitors!  See if there is competition in the Industry that you are thinking about.  Also, how large the Market is.

Now mind you the market has to be large enough for you to make a profit.  Because there are going to be a number of resources you gonna have to provide yourself with, in order to have a business.

Although sometimes you can get away with using free resources.  But, I can tell you from experience, using all free resources, can be a waste of time and can cost you a lot of money in the end.  So trust and believe  me when I say, do not rely on FREE RESOURCES all the time.

Also, trust me when I say having competitors is a good thing, because that let’s you know that there is a Market for your Business, and therefore you have a chance to be successful.

But, don’t jump for joy yet!  Just because there is competitors, doesn’t mean you are automatically going to make money.  You also have to do a lot of research.

Don’t fret!  I am going to help you with that.

Do extensive research on your competitors and make sure they are making money.  Some people do lie, and it is easy to make fake proof, with all the software out here now.

So make sure your competitors are hones business individuals.  Study them and their customers.  You see, just having competitors to compete with, is not just the end all.  You want to study them and the way they are presenting the offers, (products and services) to their customers.  You want to learn it too, and improve upon it and then present your offers.  Sounds like a lot to do tight?

But, it is fun!  Whatever you do always have fun with it.  Or else, you will not stick with it, and quit, before you get a chance to turn a profit.

Now, after you have established the fact that there is a Market for what you have.  You also want to think about who your ideal customer is.  This is when you want to target your ideal customer:

  1. You should know exactly who they are, and what are their pain points.  When I say know exactly who they are, I mean pinpoint with laser focus intent.  So these are some things to help you filter:
  2. Find out where they hang out at.  Cause not everything is done online.
  3. Network with them, and ask them questions.  (remember it is not about you)
  4. Do surveys if you have to, but make sure you are listening.
  5. They will tell you what they are looking for, just pay attention.

Most leads will tell you what they are looking for, without even know it.  I have another tip.

Please do not think that everybody is your target.  That is another mistake I made in the beginning.  I thought everybody was my target, and so I was going after the whole Global Universe.  lmao

But, seriously all that doesn’t is slow you down, and burns you out.  If you need help getting laser focused, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We all need some help one way or another.  Even Established Online Business owners needed help.

They did not get born to sell.  Well maybe some did.  But, I am sure they had to ask for help before.  There are always a few exceptions that were natural-born sellers, and they thing of ideas that there is not any competitions, and they just kill it in their Market place.  But, that is few!

So what are the identifiers of a great Market Place!

  • A large group with the same issues, pains or Problems.
  • They are usually beginners or new to the industry.
  • They are like-minded people.
  • Must have an ongoing interest in your offer.

So before I let you go, I just want you to know, that some of the reasons why people do fail in their business.  So that you will not make that same mistake.

So the first one is, they never got laser focused on their target audience.

They tried to present their offers to the wrong people over and over again, and when they rejection after rejection, it kinda deterred them from wanting to do business anymore, and so they quit.

They tried to present to the whole Globe, like I did once before.  But, the thing is, I got back up and I did my research, and got laser focused.

I have seen it time and time again.  So if you need help narrowing down your target just ask me.  I will love to help you.

Just remember, when you write your ad copy, get as precise as possible and talk to one person, your ideal customer.  Talk to the people who want your offer, and bypass the tire kickers, and looky lou’s!   I have a double opt in on my business.  Some say that is too much, but I do not think so because, the ones that want to do business with you, will do the double opt in.

Well did not mean to take up too much of your time, on this gorgeous day.  If you got value out of this Blog, please let me know, leave me a comment.  Follow me on Facebook


Remember we are stronger in numbers!


Shana Shabinar                                                                                                                               The Power Leads System                                                                                                              518-375-9263



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