Welcome To Email Marketing! 1st Series

Not Good at Nurturing Your, Leads or you want to learn Email Marketing

We as parents are busy with work and taking care of the family.  How we find time to do everything and run out Digital Successfully, but following my Blog.  I will be going into detph, on creating, and maintaining your business, with excersises, tutorials and articles.  Can’t leave out my Tips!

Hey Hey!  So join me as we help others who are just starting out!  I am partnering up with some incredible multi income earners, top earners and 6 figure earners.

Get more than 30 email content templates

This is what you are going to need.  AWeber.  Click the image and get your Free Guide and Over 45 beautiful laid out templates.  Clain your 30 day Trial.  

Any questions, please let me know.  Now I also have Email Marketing Tips coming to you, real soon.  You can Pre Register for that, leave me a Message on my Facebook Fan Page.     you would have to make an appointment, and we will have a conversation, on which way you are trying to communicate to your targets, leads, customers or audiences.I can.

Congratulations on having the courage to take the first step in finding out a different way of building your networking business!

So grab your AWeber Email Marketing System, and let’s get on with the Nurturing!

If give you some clarity about myself, I am a single mom of 2, and new grandmother!. I have been doing Affiliate Marketing since 2013, but did not take it seriously, until I almost lost it all.  Well you can say I did lose everything, but my kids.

I was failing in everything I did, so I got myself a Coach and a Mentor (he trains me for (PLS)

And I am working with him these days.  Not only am I making money, I income company from all different companies that I believe in and stand by.

So would I am about to teach you, please don’t take it lightly!

He taught me a process, in building your list that is building a network marketing business, which has revolutionized this industry.   My trainer Franco Gonzalez.

I was in a real bad place with little hope. I hated my job and wanted a way out, but even worse, I was starting to hate my networking business!”
Then one day it all changed when I found someone online (much like you are now) who not only helped him to start loving the business but helped to start making money with it.

Try being  a customer first, then turned Affiliate.

 This is how most top Earners make it.  Customer then Affiliate.

 And boy is he a Top Multi Stream Income earner.  His style of training is Keep It Simple!

 So why promote a company, simply for monetary gain? 

If you really believed in the company,wouldn’t you been using it too??  then again,  that is my opinion.

But, I am not the only one that feels that way, so it seems.  There are a lot of people out here, that really do want to see you win.

And that my friend, is what I am about to do teach you Duplication.  Attraction factors!

Be on the lookout for my Next Blog Posts!

Starting right from Building your first list, inside AWeber.

I have some really exciting things for you.

Remember we are stronger in Numbers!

Now, you will be surprised of the people who do not have or use a CRM.

So, we will:

  1. Build our First List
  2. Build a Sign Form
  3. Add a Form to Facebook
  4. Add Form to your Website

Now To Build a List

 Click on List Options.  Over on the top Right under your name.



 ​​​​​​​Or your screen List Options. say create list!  AWeber Calls it a List, I call it a Email Group Name, or CRM.

Some people did not know how to get their  CRM, or Digital Phone and address book ready, so that they can have a place to store the information they are collecting from their leads.

Now see that is the beauty of AWeber, there is going to be someone always there and here to help you.

And it has a SPAM SCORE ANALYZER–A popular spam filtering tool called SpamAssassin™ is used to check your message and display any key areas that are being caught by the filter. This analyzer is only to be used to determine if your message “appears” to be spam, all of your subscribers must still explicitly opt-in to receive information from your account.

That alone, made me sign up, I am not trying to have my emails, or Blog posts marked as Spam.  That makes your stomach turn.  I got tired of people not opening my emails, so that is why I decided to do something different.  Now I am building a great team, and we hold each other down, and we have each other back!

They like my family!.  Oh, sorry!  Back at the task……

 So I would like to show you how to create your list  your CRM (email/phone book) to house your list information, so then you will be able to customize your own and teach duplication to your team.

Web Form, or Lead Capture Page.  Keep in mind, this software is good for any business, and so are the fundamentals I am installing in your mind.  lol

Please log into your AWeber account.  If you do not have one, No worries just click here For your 30 trial.

Make sure you have received AWebers confirmation email that was sent to you.  Check your Spam Box!

After you have filled out all your information for your Account, I want you to create a list.  So click on Create a List.

Bonus:  When you import an email list into AWeber, your subscribers, leads, customers or target audiences, does not have to opt in again.
And, it is easy to do!  We will get to that i momentarily.

 So when you first log in Your will be prompted to enter your information about yourself.

​​​​​​​There will be a video there that will walk you thru the instructions to get started.

Your information will be a little different from mines because we are not in the exact same company.


1.  Your name

2.  The company  you are Marketing (or your own Brand)

3.  Add the Link in for your website

4.  Your Contact address

5.  Then YOu want to describe your list.

You have to put your address, there are no if, ands, or buts.

It is required by the  required by the CAN-SPAM Act.  Your address and email will appear at the bottom of every message you send out.  Very professional.

When you are making your list make sure you are clear on what you will be sending your list.  You will have to describe your list and be clear.

Now some people like to get a domain name for their email addresses, it is all up to you and how you want to present yourself, as a professional in this industry.  If you do decide to  do that, let me suggest that you, make it similar to your website name, or your business name as possible.

After you filled out all the boxes for your list click next and go on to the next screen. They are really self-explanatory.

Make sure you edit your confirmation page, if you are going to use one.  You do not have to use it if you don’t, but I recommend you do, so you can be sure that they want to be on your list.

The next step, is to think of a subject line for your confirmation email, I myself, think it is quicker to use the default, but you can get created. as you want, long as they get confirmed be AWeber first.
Cause it will tell a little about your self.
You can personalize the subject line, by adding their name.
You can even re-do the confirmation message it self.  I suggest doing so, that is where you can first tell them to waitlist your email address.  And to check SPAM, if you do not see emails.  That is the time, when you can do a call action, let them know what you want them to do next, and what to look forward to from you.
Once you get done with that, your all set.  Be on the look out for my next email, in a day or 2.

Remember We are Stronger in Numbers!

Image preview of sign up form
Well that is all for now!  Make sure you tune in and we will get started with our Sign up Form.  Or, some like to call it a Leads Capture Form!
Remember we are stronger in Numbers!
Thanks for the Support!

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