How to Set-up and Become the Authority in Your Niche!

So you are new and you are looking to build your email list. or maybe you have decided to add to your existing list, because you have died them out?

I am here to share with you a proven method or system, that many top earners are using to this very second.

 With this method, you can turn cold leads into red-hot buyers!

Now if you follow the steps in this outline, you will be able to take action, and start getting leads everyday, for your business, on Facebook and LinkedIn

I’m talking fast results!         

Free Leads System
Here is a Free Leads System you can use, to collect as many leads as you want as a free member. Become an Affiliate ($7 one time fee) and collect $6 for each of your leads that become members. It happens quick too!


So whether you are brand new, never done online promoting, or you have been established, and you want to revamp yourself and your Brand, this can work for you too.

I especially want to talk to you single mom’s and dad’s out there.  It can be tough trying to raise kids all by yourself, and work and earn money, to make sure you are giving your kids the type of life you with you had.

Or, trying to make sure your children or grandchildren, don’t want for anything.  (that’s not going to happen, they want everything. lol)  You have the chance right here and now.   I am going to take you by the hand if I have to and show you the way.

I am a single mom, and I myself had a struggle and a cross to bear.  By the grace of my Higher Power I am still here to tell the tale.  And, show you one of the strategies, to build my readers and add new customers to my list.

There are 4 steps that will be outlined, and should take action immediately.

  1.  Create a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.  It is free to use these platforms and if you set up your profile right, you will establish yourself as an Authority.  Make sure you picture is professional looking with a great smile, maybe with a nice background, or just a plain background.  You do not want your background to swallow you up, and people are just looking at the background and not you.  So hit them with your winning smile.  Use your profile to tell your story, and who you are.   You could even create a Gravatar.   It is sorta like your photo internet ID, I call it.  It’s a picture of you, and whatever you choose to tell about yourself.   Whatever you post on whether it be a Forum or Blogs, it will appear by your name.   For an example you look on my Home page here on my Blog, and you will see my Gravatar.

  2.   Connect with people and groups.  Now here, you want to get laser focused on who your prospects are.  You want to think and ask yourself, “what type of people do I want to be my prospects.   Who is it I want to connect to and help?”  You want to try to get as specific as possible.  So a keyword search is in order, and advance search is better.   You what to make sure you are connecting with the right audience right from the start.  So what ever your business is, make sure you know which people you want to make your prospects.  I can not stress that enough.   You don’t want to waste your time, talking to the wrong audience.  (age, demographics, interests, careers)

  3. Network and Qualify  Here is where you want to casually ask them questions, and listen carefully.  Because if you did your research first.  You will already know if they need your help or not, or whether they could benefit from having what you have to offer.  Which will bring you to the last step.

  4. Make the deal or close the deal  As long as you have correctly identified the prospects needs and wants.  And, you have listened to them very carefully.  You should be able to bring new people in everyday.  The goal is, to not take long to get the job done.  It might sound cold.  But if you follow these steps, you can do it less than an hour, and be on to the next.

So now let’s take action!


Your profile is your first impression, and maybe on their minds for a while, depending how they think your profile picture looks.

Here is a picture I had used before for my profile picture.  It shows that I am professional looking, and approachable vs. Free stock photo of black-and-white, man, portrait, grimace  Make sure your profile is turned to public, so everybody on or off-line can see it.    Let your profile tell your story the right way!

If you are an attractive person, your profile can attract massive people to you, hence helping you build your list, that much faster.  Always make sure you fill in your whole profile.  In this industry, of working online, or having a Small Business.  You are no longer invisible, and make yourself transparent!

Time to Connect with Perfect Cold Leads or Audience!   If you have a Facebook Fan Page, use it as your mini website and blog.  Facebook is great, because you can connect easily with your friends, and the friends of your friends.   You are also able to do a “keyword search”  or filter.  And, just like above you can get even more specific with advanced filters or searches.  Just know that if you use some of these strategies, you will not have to pay for traffic.   So send a little message to the prospect you want to get to know, and have conversation with.

In your Linkedin account, go to your search bar, and type in the type of industry you are looking for.  The have many groups that you can join and follow.  When you click on the WORK icon in the upper right hand LinkedIn Dash Board bar, a little drop menu comes down, and that is where you can click on GROUPS.  YOU WILL then receive a pop up tip message like this.  

Welcome to the new LinkedIn Groups

Join private communities, enjoy meaningful conversations, and get the latest ideas and news. We’ve updated the experience so you can get the most out of every visit.  You can choose to take a quick tour or not.   If you are new I would suggest you taking the Tour.  It’s only going to help you!

Make sure you remember to come here and Network often.  You want to let everybody know you are here and open for business.  You will be able to see the day’s Highlights and important updates from the Group you choose.   Long as you are interacting, will cause traffic on your Blogs or Website.

So I want to give you the 3 ways to connect with prospects on Linkedin and Facebook, by Max Steingart.

  • The direct method that I recommend is to send connection requests to people you want to know. My Scripts Book contains messages for LinkedIn users that work so well you will never have to buy leads.

  • You can join a common LinkedIn group and message someone or send connection request to get them into your 1st degree network.

  • You can send someone an In-mail which is a Premium paid service with

    limits. When you use my Back Door method, you will never send an In-mail.

    When you start proactively using Facebook and LinkedIn to prospect

    for new business, it can get pretty overwhelming so you have to stay Organized.

    Many people are guilty of connecting with potential prospects and then

    NEVER following up with them again. Either they don’t know what to say

    or they are fearful of coming across as being “salesly”. You can re-engage

    someone with a simple message that begins with — ”Just looking to reconnect.”

    If you have an inbox filled with incoming connection requests

    that have never been followed up on your or you have messages in your

    inbox that have never been replied to, you are missing out on potential

    opportunities. Remember, people do business with people they know.

So there you have a great kick off, a starting point!  I  will give you some pointers on how to communicate, and how you can see if one is qualified for your products or services.  Now it is time for you to get put it to action, So look for my Blog Weds. at 7pm, and I will have some more information for you and an exercise to do.

Remember We Are Stronger in Numbers!


Alrighty then!   Back to the fun stuff.

If you are just getting started, Welcome, welcome!   You all are welcome…….



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