How to Attract Like Minded People to Your Business!


There are some people you just don’t want on your team at all!  

You know, the ones that are cynical, rude, can’t follow directions, and just plain rude.  They are always complaining about this that and the other.  They make excuses, and problems for your solutions.

So those are the ones you want to stay clear of!

So I want to talk about a little strategy I learned.  It’s called “Rabbit Hole” Blog Posts.  This is a sure way, to find out, if someone wants to know about your business and what you have to offer.  Or, it will repel them so fast, you don’t even have to worry about wasting your energy on them.

It is when you deliver your content, in your Blog, in bits of content and  promotional info., and then set your link to another post in your blog, breaking down the prior post, and you keep,  doing this sending your reader deeper and deeper into your Blog.

Causing them to be exposed more to your Blog and your promotional information, as you take your reader down into your content layer by layer.

You can start with some type of news or story that is going on in the mainstream world.  lol   Something relevant that is going on or trending in your Niche.

For Example:

Now you can start off from your Facebook fan page, you don’t have to start it from your Blog.  Make it easy for them to understand, and that is going on in the now.  Have a nice appealing picture, and a description about the picture.

After you have described the picture, you are going to break for your promotion, setting the link there for your readers, to follow more on your Blog post, or you could send them to your blog page, giving them more information.

sewing-needle-thread-mend-eye-of-needle-39548.jpegYou can use a Button or just a link.  Just make sure the content text, that you have is juicy and provocative enough to make them want to keep reading your posts and story and clicking your links or buttons.

I mean make it good!

You can have pictures, videos, all kinds of visuals!  Just make sure it keeps them interested and drooling for more.   Keeping in mind you are telling your story, getting your point across, giving them valuable content, and breaking every so often for your promotions.

Just think about it, when you are watching TV.  You watching a program, that you really like.  What do they do every so often!  They break for a commercial right!

They say and now for a break, and a word from our Sponsor.  Gotta pay the bills right?  So you are entertaining your readers, your audience.  And, don’t you have to pay your bills?

So, break for your promotions!  lol

Then bring them back to the rest of your juicy story!

Hope that helps!

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