Are Your Emails Getting Past The Screen Door?

app-apple-application-38629 (1).jpgAre you emails getting past the screen door!
Are you getting BOUNCE rates!

Here is a few tips to help you get in the inbox.
Now we all know, you are supposed to write a daily email to your list, so that it will build trust and authority. Right!

Well have you been sending “done for you automated emails from the marketing system you bought?” But, your list is still not purchasing none of your offers? You sending surveys and asking questions, but still no response?

Well guess what, they have not seen your emails. Why?
Are you using a done for you system that is huge, and everybody is sending the same emails?

Some companies have been flagged. Not in a real bad way.
Just saying too many repetitive email format, with the same subject line.

No matter how much they say they have not, it is true.                                                           I myself did some research and some testing on my own.  I have a system that I was using, and still is, (I just went and rewrote my emails, and made it sound more like how I talk, and not the same format everybody else is using)                                              I noticed, no response from some on my list. So I went to my regular email account, GMAIL, and I sent an email, to the ones that was not responding.

Guess what? They told me they was not receiving my emails.

I asked them to check their other folders, and guess what……..

So if you have not heard a peep from some people on your list, you might want to go and send them an email from your regular account…..I’m just saying, or you can continue to just don’t hear nothing back from them.

1. Look at the reputation of the Sender of your messages.

2. Make sure you have permission to keep writing to them. Maybe they was under the impression that was only going to get one email from you. Make it clear, you are sending a series.

3. Always use confirm opt in.

4.  Stay relevant. We all get busy, and it is hard trying to come up things to say sometimes. That is understandable. Stick to the subject.

5. Promptly remove people who don’t want to be on your list. You can send a message from time to time, asking them if they still want to be on your list. You be surprised how many people respond back. (go figure) You gonna have some quiet people, that just like reading what you have to say, but will never purchase or respond, until you tell them they getting deleted. lol

6. Send emails on the regular, but don’t overwhelm!

7. Before you send out your email, read aloud to yourself, if it doesn’t sound right, twerk it until it does. Don’t use a whole lot of punctuation

8. Try not to use to many big pictures, and hardly no text.

9. If you have a SpamAssassin, use it. It will tell you your score for your messages, if it is above a 5, guess what?

If you are interested in warming up your list, and positioning yourself as an Authority!    I have an Email Marketing Guide, it has templates and tells you what to say in your email follow ups, take the information and edit it, and make it sound like you are having a conversation with them that’s all.

🤔 I will even help you write your 4 follow up emails. I did some extensive training, and got my 4 emails rated, and guess what!

That’s right! They passed the SPAM test!

And I will share them with you, you just tweek the emails, and add your information in there.  Here is a free Email Marketing Guide that you can use as a reference, from Aweber.   And I would like to give you a free tracking guide also.

Subscribe to my list and get more tips, tools and articles, on how to do Email Marketing.

And BOOM! 😍
Your in!

Start getting in the inbox!



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