Did You Hit The Ground Running!

So today I wanted to drop you at Tip on

You see, some people are under the impression, that soon as you start working online, people just going to start signing up with you and you are going to be rich, soon as you start, or over night I should say.

And, that is not true………….lol nope!

 Now I have seen when people have signed up, and they hit the ground running, and they are signing people up left and right!

Then you have most people, that work hard at developing their skill sets, and changing their mind-set.  They train hard, they put in hours of work, so that they can make the chances of success, that much quicker.

That would be me!  lol   I fall into that category, and I am proud of it!

You should not be either, just makes us smarter….

But, I will tell you this, I am not scared to admit, that I did not hit the ground running!  In fact, when I hit the ground, I fell on my butt.  lol

And instead of running when I got back up, I still did not hit the ground running!  I started to walk down the Yellow Brick Road.


I stopped a lot along the way…………………I made a lot of small talk………………I spent some time at the Paaaarrrrrk………and feed the biiiirrrrrds………….I went to the stooorrrr………….I got me something to eeeeeeeeaaaaaaat…………and so on , and so forth!  lol

You know you laughing, cause it might have happened to you too….lol

But, the thing is, that was then, and this is now!  But, I will let you in on a little secret.  Lean in and listen closely.  A Lot of those people who hit the ground running, soon as they got their Affiliates link, don’t know some of the stuff that we know.

Why would I say such a thing?  Why?

Because, we studied more than them, and we tested, and we did research.  That is why I say that.

Now I do understand, that this is just “my opinion.”  But I say this because here’s the thing.  Why would they have to study and train as much as we did, they was already making money.  They did not have to test it, cause it was already working for them, they did not have to get resourceful, because they was already getting $$.

Now us, me and you.  We had to polish out skill sets, and get our minds right!  By any means necessary, until it worked.  Therefore, we picked up some really good resources and ways to build our business.

Am I right or wrong?  You would not know as much as you know now, if you did not train, research and AB split test right?  Now let somebody come to you with a problem, or issue in their business, you gonna be able to help them, because you been there, and you know just how to maneuver.  lol

So let me ask you this.

Do you think the person who hit down running, can help them? If they never even trained or research it?  Due to the fact they did not have to, because they hit the ground running.

Do you see what I mean?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all of them, just some.  So that is why it is so crucial for you to do your training.

I would like to  announce I will be having a training video coming out soon.  I am so excited about that.  Product launch is always fun and nerve wracking.  lol

That is why I appreciate you so much, because if it was not for you, I would not be here.  It feels good to help others achieve their goals and freedom from debt.  (ugh such a filthy word)  It even looks ugly don’t it?

If you think that word looks just as it sounds, can I get a comment in my Comments Section?  But, seriously, I would love to get some feedback, requests anything you got!  I am here for you!

Who hit the ground running?  And

Who had to put an extra umph in the pudding!

Well that is all for now, please tune in later, while I talk about the importance of Marketing and how we get leads free or paid for leads.  For tuning in, I would like to give you a Email Marketing Guide and templates for free.

Remember we are stronger in Numbers!



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