Escape the Overwhelm!

Blasting the song my son made for me.  Such a great music producer, Shamar Thomas  aka song called Fries 2017.   

 Taking a break from learning and teaching. A break from my electronics. Spending some of the rewards you get for sharing the information I have acquired by hours research, and training hard, listening, watching tutorials and must important the information I got. And, still getting, my former Coach, Coach Tracy Chalmers.

When her email comes, I get giddy! Cause I know she bouts to give up them “GOLDEN NUGGETS” LOL. And my Mentor, Jeff Bullas.  They are great people to learn from.

Have you ever felt like you learned so much that you are stuck in “overwhelmed?” that is not a good place to be.

You want to take the information and share it, but you don’t know where to start.
You want to help others, but you don’t know where to find them.  You still haven’t quite got the targeting down pack.  You know who they are, but you do not know where they are.  What do you do?  You try to come up with a system to start being a productive member, an influencer if you will. But, where and how?
How do you come up with a system that is going to help you help someone else? These are the questions that are swirling around in your head.
Days go by, and now we are getting into months. Time!  Time! So much time………
Too much time! What do you do!
Now you are getting frustrated and down right mad!

20180302_170306.jpgWhy?  Why me! You start screaming to yourself.  All I want to do is help others!

So you plan. You come up with a plan, a good plan.

But, is it!  You whisper to yourself……aaahhhhhh

A list. Your checklist. Your task schedule.
So you begin to look around and you do more research on how to get your tasks done. You look at some of your Mentors website.
You look at them on Social Media. You try to see some of their methods. But,
That does not really help, because you are only seeing a small portion of their business.  You do not see all the planning and how they navigate thru their tasks and how they a lot a certain amount of time for each tasks.
So you begin to sketch out your plan.

You write out what is important and needs to be done everyday no matter what, right down to the littlest task.

You get your calendar so you can fill in the dates and times you want to do a task. Feeling like everything is important you don’t want to spend too much time on one given thing.
So you have your tasks all lead out, and you have your calendar posted to your white board.  And, you are starting to feel like you are getting somewhere.

The next thing you do is write your mission statement and tape that to your board.

Why are you doing that? It’s so much easier when you are working and see it everyday and you’re talking to people. Although you know what you stand for, and it may roll off your tongue.  The person you are helping might not know what theirs is yet.  And, so by you telling them what yours is. You never know, they may stand for the same thing.

So you want to make sure you are sharing every detail with the person you are helping.    Your duplication is kicking in, you are feeling,, oooh so confident!

You have your daily tasks mapped out………
Map out and you’re doing them everyday, You have a nice systematick flow every day, week, every month, and it’s like smooth clock work.

Not even looking at your board anymore. You have found that some things you are doing over and over.

So you make certain parts of “your biz” a big ass “snippet”
You got things scheduled to come out at certain times and days. Next thing you know your “biz” is on auto pilot!

You did it! You are on your way, you are helping people left and right! You my friend are a Rock Star!  Things are looking nice and Rosey now!




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