Are You Making Them Feel Welcome!

pexels-photo-938971.jpegHey Hey Hey!

It’s your girl Shana Shabinar!

I know it’s the weekend but………

I wanted to give a tip for Saturday.

First off I want to say thank you for being patient with me,as I get my new  Blog and Website together.

So for that I want to say thanks for the support encouragement.  You guys are the BOMB!

We all started something, taking action and being a beginner in something!

So the topic I want to cove is:  Email Marketing!

The first Email the Welcome Email!

So You are Building Your List, and trying to establish a relationship.  Now everybody has a name for their Target audience, clients, customers, leads. you know what I mean. everyone calls it something different.  

Now we already established that the Welcome email is very very important, because it gives your audience a glimpse of you and  your business, and what you stand for.

  • That is  when you will be able to tell them what kind of emails you will be sending them.
  • How often you will be sending them.
  • If you had an incentive for them to subscribe, purchase.  You get to give it to them then.
  • Let them know how you can help them.  
  • What are they suppose to do next.
  • You can put your call to action or what will be expected from that day forward.  

Well I hope that helps!  For more tips on Email Marketing Please subscribe Here, for free email marketing guide.

Granddaughter is getting impatient, she hates when her grandma gets on the devices, phone, computer, tablet.  lol

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!

Remember We Are Stronger in Numbers!

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