Are You Emailing!


Hey hey hey it’s your girl Shabinar!

Dropping in with my Tip of the day!

So, today I want to give my Email Marketers some tips today.  Gotta spread the love you know!

So what If I told you building your list just got easier?

  • What if I told you, now you can find out exactly what your targeted audiences need and what are their pain points, with only 1 action!
  • What if I told you, now you deliver segments to them precisely when they need them, hence building more trust and making your relationships with them, that much stronger!
  • What if I told you, you can get your list excited over and over again about the products and services you have, and they don’t have to keep opting in to your list!
  • What if I told you, you can send a one time Broadcast on things that they want to know, and not on Topics they don’t!

1. Well now you can with one click automations.

2.  Tags!

 Life will be just that much easier and richer!  Just think about how quick you can deliver just what they want when they want, and everybody is happy!

If you are not using an automated email system yet, get plugged in, and shave off hours of your tasks schedule.  You will be shocked and pleased at how it works for you.

There are a number of Email Marketing Systems available.  If you do not have one in your Marketing Tool Kit, do your self a favor!

You will thank your self later.  lol

For example, you can use automation to trigger 1 or a series of messages, just by putting a tag on them, or when they click on a link.  Just as long as you have the right tag on their person, or persons.  The right message will be sent to them.

Now don’t get me wrong, it does take some time to get your emails done, and make sure that is relevant information on them, and they are delivering value.

Another great thing is The Broadcast!

You can set a Broad cast to go out to your list at a certain, on a certain day!

Getting into automations and tagging sounds like it may be daunting, but trust me once you do it, and get er  done!  lol   You will be so glad you did.

Make sure you tune in later, I will have some more tips on Email Marketing….bye for now…love life!

Remember we are stronger in Numbers!


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To your success!

Shana Wilson McCall


Single mom, of 2 amazing sons, and a new grandmother!

Love to talk long walks and do DIY projects and watch HGTV.

I help other Business minded individuals get started with their home based business, and get traffic to their websites.

I have a simple rule that I follow and teach my Team the same.  If you would like to know more about my simple rule.  Then join me and give away This Free List Builder!  You see, when you are in this industry, you have to take the “you” out of the equation, it is not about you.  It is about your customers, or subscribers, and helping them.  If you







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