Tip of The Day


Hey hey hey!

It’s your girl Sha! Dropping in the GOLDEN tip today!

So you are having problems getting leads, hence meaning no sales!

Start prospecting in new places.  See most people dont do research.  For some reason they are told to just join groups and that is it.

Well, I’m here to tell you that they only told you a small portion of the formula.

Yes there is really a formula!

You have to find people that are interested in what you have.  But, before I tell you what that is, I want you to think about what made you join the company you are with?  What grabbed you?  What made YOU, yes YOU!  What made you stop, and take a look at the company?  Do you even remember?

If you do remember are you doing what they are doing?

You see people seem to forget that.  They get in and they start doing something totally different. Lol.  But,  dont feel bad, you are not alone.  I know because it happened to me too.

You see, we be so gong ho, and full of new ideas, and you want to share them.  And, so you totally forget what grabbed you in the first place.  Then when you don’t make money, you start thinking the system dont work.

Does that sound familiar?

Reinventing the wheel…..

So I am going to give you a tip.  Think about what grabbed you.  Use it. Duplicate it.

You want to know where to find your targeted leads?

Go where your competitors are. They have followers, they already raised their hands, and they are interested!

Now show them what you got.  Now keep it mind, you can use your Facebook Fan page as your Mini Blog.  There is a My Story section, and you can write an article, and show them how to use your product.

Well I hope that helps.

Remember We are stronger in numbers!

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