My Tips of the Day

Hey hey hey it’s your girl Sha!

Dropping in to see how everybody doing on a Monday!  So I wanted to share something with you first, my son is a Music Producer, and he made this beat that I really love, because it reminds me of his dad and I.  I don’t want to get into the whole story, but I lost my husband to Cancer years ago.  When my son made this beat, I knew I had to have it as my first Feature on my Website. And, probably my Podcast.  So I just wanted to share it with you that’s all!

So, I was having a conversation last night with a fellow Home Business Owner. We was talking about how, sometimes it seems  like something or your mind is working against you.

You set out your plans the night before, and all the tasks you have laid out is all in its place. You have it up on your white board.   So everything is tucked nice and tidy.  Your Chores. Tasks. Mini stories. Posts. Downtime. And Training.  The next day comes, and you are feeling hyped about the day!  You ready  to help others, and get your own work done.

Then BOOM!  It happens.

It’s subtle at first, you start hearing the sounds of, you got a new email, then the new facebook friend request.  Followed up with a beep, from your phone, telling you, you got a new text message.

You start focusing more on what you are reading, all the while, all those sounds are going on.  lol   It is like when you at the Casino, and you be hearing all those machines.  Well sorta like that!

So then you get up, and you grab your phone, saying to yourself, “self, just look to see who texted you and put the phone down.”

But, nope!  Your finger somehow hits the facebook icon.

And it is a WRAP!

Good ole subconscious self sabotage.  Lol. You get started, half of your plan gets derailed, because your attention span shrinks down to the size of a pea.  No matter what you do you can’t inflate it. You are all over the place. You are in the group chats, answering messages, when that was not supposed to be done until noon time. You are on Facebook reading what your friends have to say about the party they had, for their kids, and on Craigslist reading the specs. on a truck you like the color of.  You catch a quick glimpse at the clock, and 4 hours has gone by, and you only got 2 tasks ✔ and you still got 4 left.

So you try and get your training done,  but it is pointless because you feeling so defeated.  You barely paying attention, due to the fact that you to busy worrying about the stuff you didn’t get done.

We have all been there right?

I know I have!

No matter how hard you try, the mission has to be aborted and you’re feeling like a complete failure.

But, you have one thing working in your favor. You can try again the next day.  See our subconscious can be our worse enemies.  Don’t feel bad or guilty.  It happens to the best of us.  Long as you recognize it and work to fix it.

What I recommended to them, is just trying to remove all distractions.  Turn off the phone, so you won’t be tempted to answer it or start texting.  Put a message greeting on it, letting people know you will get back to them.  Or, a message for if there is an emergency with the school for your kids.  You can maybe have a special ring tone, for when it has anything to do with your kids.  You know, like set up a special ring tone.

You see what people tend to forget we have different ring tones.  So you can set your phone up, so that it is working for you, not distracting you.

Yes!  they work for you!  lol

Use them to your advantage!

Another tool you could use to help you is the Google assistant.  Now If you have a gmail account, you can now use it to remind you to move on to another tasks.

Now I have a problem with time getting away from me.  So what I do is ask Google, to remind me when it is time for me to to go and do something else, otherwise, I be so engrossed, that I over lap time.

If you are doing tasks that require you to be on the computer, maybe try just having one tab open at a time.  So the facebook is closed, so you won’t be tempted to start chatting or posting in the groups.

Well there is my tip for the day.  Hope it helps!  Please share with your team!

You never know who, on your team is suffering from this and just doesn’t want to talk about it.

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