Beginning stages of learning how to do Digital Marketing, (learning how to create you own Online Marketing Business) can be a daunting task. Let alone trying to go it alone.  Making sure you have everything you need and all the systems in place, can make it even more harder.
Digital Marketing Mentorship, was created to provide a safe place to learn the foundation you need to get started creating your Homebased business.

Whether you are a working parent, grandparent, stay at home parent, Affiliate Networker, or even existing Small Business owner you will find essential resources, paid and free, that will help you build and maintain, a Digital Lifestyle, much easier with fun intended.  In other words you will find right here,  a business in a Box.  An Instant Pay Program.


Every audience is different—they each have their own priorities, goals, and specific problems they’re trying to solve. Remember, if you try to reach everyone you won’t reach anyone.

You will learn how to target your audiences, by answering the following criterias:

  • Who you are.
  • What you are offering.
  • How it has helped you.
  • Who is it for.
  • How will it help them.
  • What do they have to do.
  • How to reach you

Here you will find, Tips and tactics on Website Traffic and Lead Generation, how to get in front of targeted audiences and promote your business, with the Art of Attraction Marketing & Duplication by Networking.

There will be Articles and Tutorials, on how to market your business, with loads of Free Guides you will be able to download for making your own marketing tool kit.

  • Free How to Guides (leads & website traffic)
  • Free Email Marketing Guides (automation & campaigns)
  • Free Tracking Guides (statistics for advertising)
  • And so much more………

Also, walk thru’s on how to complete certain tasks.

Everybody needs a helping hand in one way or another! Just remember that we all started from somewhere. Some people get it fast, and some need a little hand holding. Just safely get the things you need for your business, without HYPE AND SMOKY MIRRORS!

Change Your Thought Process, Change Your Life!

Bringing a community together, with collaboration, networking and good old-fashioned relationship building. Mindset training and skill sets building, are so important in building and maintaining a Digital Lifestyle.

“Just Remember We Are Stronger In Numbers!”

Marketing Mentorship Club is here to lend support,  if you have been thinking about becoming an Affiliate or just working from home to make some extra cash, I want you to follow these steps very carefully.  If you feel that you need help, just message me thru facebook messenger and I will walk you thru it.

Now is the time to talk action!  TALK IS CHEAP!  TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

Achieve the life you and your family deserve!



10 thoughts on “Welcome to Digital Marketing Mentorship Club!

  1. Hey Shana! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and patience since day 1. You are a true inspiration for women starting a new business and a woman of your word. I appreciate the value and support you bring to your team as a leader. I look forward to building our friendship/business partnership in the long-term.


  2. Hey Shana. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and patience since day one. The information you provide is extremely helpful and actionable. I appreciate the fact that you are a woman of your word. You bring value and support to your team like a leader should. I look forward to a lasting friend/business relationship.


  3. Shana, you are the best! You are always full of positive encouragement to any sales person! I know you always got my back! Hope we stay friends forever!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thank you Shana ! You have a heart of Gold!
    And I hope we stay friends forever and forever!
    Thanks for the help you have provided to me, I
    was down and you help me get back up.
    I got sales too. You are right, Tracking is good for business.
    Great Leads Magnet!

    Liked by 1 person

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